“Ray of Light” – Paintings & Sculptures by Rona Hu

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By William Fong, Founder of Boundless Artists Collective

2022 has been a tumultuous year – a pandemic, lockdowns, inflation, economic downturn, Russo-Ukrainian War, and more headwinds. It has not been easy – we are as if trapped in a dark and dismal void, amidst turbulent and confusing times. We cannot help but wonder, how much longer do we have to wait before we catch a ray of hope?

Life is a fleeting journey, and like others, I am a man on the road. In this hurried journey, frantically meandering between the highs and lows, we simply do not have the option to stop moving forward. Rather than waiting endlessly, why don’t we take one step at a time, and learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life?

Rona Hu is a contemporary artist with a distinctive character. Having resided in the United States for years, her unique East-meets-West vision is ingrained in her series of works. With delicate observations of the pulse of the times, she expresses the simple doses of the beauty of life through colourful and vibrant art, which stays close to life. They are also diaristic – she reminds us to be grateful for the loveliness in life through flamboyant colours, smooth contours, and wholehearted emotions: the joyful innocence of children, the faithful companionship of puppies, and our unswerving originality. There is never a shortage of beauty; what is lacking is discovery.

The exhibition is held at the Rotunda, Exchange Square, Hong Kong.Featuring 28 prominent works, including 19 oil paintings and 9 sculptures, showcasing Rona’s recent artistic journey. Titled “Ray of Light”, Rona aspires to bring a long-lost positive energy to the audience. Using the green apple as a motif throughout the series, she teaches us to delight in simple things, wherein when compared to René Magritte’s mysterious green apple, is deemed as more relevant to the current social climate.

When I visited Rona at the beginning of the year, she articulated that this is an extension of her “Kaleidoscope” series, in hopes of documenting her strong conviction for the future. Although we cannot change the landscape ahead, we can adjust our state of mind.
Even if we may not see the brilliance of colours now, as long as we keep moving forward, there will be light ahead.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” In the depths of the night, may we walk forward, and let love and hope guide us to find the ray of light.

William Fong
Curator of Ray of Light – Solo Exhibition by Rona Hu

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