Rona Hu’s Paintings – My View

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By Fong Yuk Yan, Yan Gallery

In oil paintings, regardless of whether oil or acrylic is used, the spotlight falls on the colours as brought alive by their texture.  Colour catches the eye, colour creates ambience, and finally, colour embodies individuality.

Using small blocks of colour to shape the characters, and large blocks of geometric colour to compose the background, Rona’s presentations are not only vivid and eye-catching, but also simple and rhythmic. This results in her own, unique personal style, which is in a class by itself throughout Hong Kong and even in mainland China. Her characters – mostly children – are spirited, diverse, and full of life: they work, play, and stick around with small animals. In her depiction of protagonists, Rona’s brushstrokes are sometimes bold and brief, and sometimes delicate and exquisite, all of which are entrusted with the profound love of a female painter. There is also the lovely green apple, which may be a hidden motif to inspire thoughts and feelings.

Some thirty years ago, I organised Wu Guanzhong’s first commercial exhibition in Hong Kong, together with an American gallery owner, Stephen, who named the exhibition Kaleidoscope, a reference to his devotion to colour. A few decades later, I am again writing for ”Kaleidoscope”, in the hopes that Rona’s work will be well-received and loved, being a part of the Kaleidoscope series. I wish the exhibition a massive success.

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